Windsor chair delivery

We understand the importance of ensuring that our Windsor chairs find their way into your home in a timely and safe manner nation wide, from coast to coast and all points in between.


We use a private white glove moving service, who will blanket wrap and deliver each chair,stool or settee to your home. This is not a freight line, who simply deliver to your curbside. Our mover will carefully  bring each piece into your home. Our chairs are the best, and they deserve the best treatment available.

  To calculate the cost of shipping, we will ask you for your street address with zip code, we contact them and get a price for your order, which is determined by the number of pieces, the size, and the final destination. 

 This will be added to the cost of the chairs.


  Of course, if you live within driving distance of us here in Monmouth, Maine, and want to come pick up your chairs yourself, you are more than welcome to do so.  (We do recommend having an enclosed vehicle of some sort and plenty of moving blankets on hand. )