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History of the American Windsor chair

Bowback Windsor arm chair
American Windsor Chair Company

The American Windsor Chair Company offers only the best and most comfortable Windsor arm chairs, side chairs and stools. Second to none in beauty and comfort.

Fanback Windsor side chair

"The Windsor chair was introduced in England in the late 17th century, and it was about 50 years later, around 1730, that the first American Windsor chairs were made in Philadelphia.

   The American makers created different styles of Windsors. They all had a shaped wooden seat made of a single thick piece of wood, spindles used for a back and perhaps arms. There were splayed legs that were inserted into holes in the seat" ~ The Kovels, (experts on antiques)

   Over the years chair makers have added their own design elements, or detracted in some instances some of the true Windsor joinery. 

  Our American Windsor chairs stay true to the original designs for a reason...the Best Designs, the Best Materials, and the Best Joinery equals the BEST Chairs. 

   Come visit us in the Keeping Room at New England Joinery in Monmouth, Maine to sit in what we honestly believe will be the best seat in your house!

The American Windsor chair..

Yankee Ingenuity...

  "If the Windsor chair developed in England, its form was certainly perfected in America. Colonial craftsmen eliminated the central splat featured in the original chair's back. They also slenderized the splats and legs, and developed, for some models, the "continuous arm" - that is, the chair arms and back rim are made of a single, bent piece of wood. These alterations simultaneously strengthened the chair while giving it a light, airy appearance - "a delicate balance and harmony," as Hornung puts it in his text". ~ Troy Segal  The Windsor Chair  08 | 15 | 2019 The Spruce Crafts

Bowback side chairs in a country kitchen

Bowback side chairs in a country kitchen

 American Continuous Arm

Continuous Arm Chair
26 inch bowback bard stool
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