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True Windsor Joinery

How a Windsor chair is made

This diagram illustrates how a true Windsor chair is constructed. 

 Each leg,post,stretcher,  and spindle is drilled through and secured in place with a dab of glue and a wedge.

A little about Windsor chair seats

 Our American Windsor chairs are handcrafted. This explains the beautiful and graceful lines of the seats themselves.

 After all, what good is a chair if it is unbearable to sit in? If you take a close look at the pictures in this gallery, you will see how a true handcrafted Windsor chair seat should look. 

  All of our bowbacks & fanback chairs have the traditional saddle seat, which is beautiful as well as extremely comfortable, it fits to the human form just right.

 The more petite Birdcage chairs have a hand shaped seat with a gentle scoop which also fits the human "seat" just right.

  The chairs you see with the very flat (often referred  to as Plank seats)  are just that, flat, planks with no care taken for comfort. 


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